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All Guilds Meeting - September 2014

afbeelding van Doobes

A very brief All Guilds Meeting this month with most people recuperating from summer fun!  We still had a few informative bits of info, and you can read about it in our raw and cleansed chatlogs and this handy summary below!

Dulcamara - Elodea and Beyond

Dulcamara came to the stage to mention that part of her Age, Elodea (pictured), has been updated.  This large Age with much to see and do can be found via the Deep Island shard and can be played in offline URU through the Deep Island UAM database, making sure to follow the instructions for installing the Offline KI.  She is also working on new Ages called Alabaster and Gallardien.  They have not yet been released, so expect more news about these Ages soon!


To finish out this relatively short meeting, Janeerah talked a bit about a meeting he's planning on having tomorrow (Sunday, September 6th) to discuss past and more recent issues with griefers that have popped up.  If you'd like to attend this meeting to add your perspective and ideas, you can meet Janeerah in Ae'gura sometime before 14:00 KI time and a place to meet will be discussed from there.


Doobes reiterated the need for donations to the CAVCON in light of ongoing work behind the scenes to get new content into MOULa.  Be sure to send a bit of donation money if you can spare it.

The next AGM will be on Saturday, October 4th at the usual 13:00 KI time in Kirel.  Until then!

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